American Outdoor Brands Corporation Chips & Trash in Springfield, Massachusetts

  • Preference will be given to those who currently work at Smith & Wesson

This position will work in all aspects of Facility Maintenance.


Essential dutiesinclude the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Pump out various machines/vessels as needed

  • Range cleaning - trained to clean all ranges owned by S&W

  • Empty chips & trash throughout the whole plant

  • Wash & sweep all aisles throughout the whole plant

  • Paint as needed - throughout the whole plant

  • Specific disciplines - must be knowledgeable and competent

  • Yard - cut grass, trim, weed, landscape

  • Carpentry - build items by request

  • Move furniture as requested

  • Snow - shovel as needed - put down sand and salt as needed

  • Assist machine repair if needed

  • Assist custodial as needed

  • Seal floors as needed

  • Assist electricians, plumbers, welders as needed

  • Repair company motorized vehicles - cars, fork trucks, golf carts, etc.

  • May be required to work off shift or overtime as emergencies require

  • During shutdown/slow times may be required to work in other capacities within the maintenance dept.

  • Perform any/all maintenance tasks as needed


  • Duties require decision making regarding the solutions to problems not normally encountered. Employees must determine appropriate actions to be taken to achieve required results.

  • Experience and ability to work in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

  • Must be able to work well with all levels of personnel whether individually or in a team environment.

  • Willing to work any shift and overtime as required.

  • Ability to climb in overhead structures, to work beneath machines and in close quarters performing analysis and repair work.

  • Must be highly safety conscious.

  • Exposed to high voltage electricity.

  • Must possess valid DOT card and S&W forktruck license.


  • High School/GED, Degree requirements, prior experience

  • Must possess required licenses.


  • Must be able to read, write and interpret English language.


  • Basic computer skills preferred


  • Complete all company mandated training as required.

  • Participate in and follow all company initiatives.

  • Candidates will be trained in range cleaning.

  • Must successfully complete all technical, administrative, and interpersonal training programs to satisfy Participative Work Team objectives and become a multi-skilled team member.


  • Continuous: standing, walking, lifting, bending, pushing/pulling, and reaching.

  • Occasional: kneeling, sitting, squatting, overhead work, fine and gross upper body motor movement

  • Maximum lift: to 30 pounds and assisted lifting

  • Occasional lifting: 0 to 30 pounds


  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required when a job task(s) is being completed in or around your assigned department or in anther department, this includes vision, hearing, and footwear.

  • Within the Smith & Wesson manufacturing facility employees may be exposed to manufacturing noise, airborne liquid chemicals, fine particulate dust, ambient temperatures, and industrial lighting.

  • All employees are required to apply ergonomic correctness to all job tasks.


Work environment is similar to most manufacturing operations. Will be exposed to excessive noise, temperatures, hazards associated with moving around machinery, work in confined quarters, exposed to vibrations and shop lighting

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled