Next Step Health Care Registered Nurse (RN) in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Part time and Per diem, Nights, 11:00 pm-7:00 am


Under the direction of the RN Nursing supervisor, Unit manager, DNS or ADNS, the Registered Nurse delivers efficient and effective nursing care while achieving positive clinical outcomes and patient family satisfaction. He/she operates within the scope of practice defines by the state nurse practice act and delegates aspects of patient care to LPN?s and C.N.A.?s consistent with their scope of practice. The RN manages patient care by performing nursing assessments and collaborating with the nursing team and other disciplines, patients and families to develop effective plans of care.



  1. Collects, validates, synthesizes and records objective and subjective data

  2. Prioritizes data collection based on patient needs

  3. Analyzes all data

  4. Identifies actual or potential problems or needs based on data analysis

Care Planning:

  1. Establishes realistic and measurable short and long term goals for the identified health problems and needs

  2. Develops individualized interventions to achieve goals

  3. Determines timelines within the care plan

  4. Conducts a systematic and ongoing evaluation of patient outcomes

  5. Reviews and revises plan of care as indicated

Implementing Care:

  1. Performs nursing functions and provides care within scope of practice

  2. Coordinates and delegates care as appropriate

  3. Verifies that medical orders are accurately transcribed

  4. Administers medications and performs treatments per physician orders

  5. Communicates and documents interventions and patient response

Managing Patient Care:

  1. Delegates care responsibilities to staff considering

  2. Complexity of care

  3. Competency of staff

  4. Center polices

  5. States practice act

  6. Supervises staff to ensure that delegated tasks and interventions are implemented appropriately and per policy

  7. Evaluates and adjusts the plan of care to achieve patient goals and immunize hospitalizations

  8. Actively participates in Utilization Management or interdisciplinary Care Management Meeting to facilitate appropriate discharge planning

  9. Communicates team?s recommendations for discharge to the attending physician, patient and family

  10. Prepares patient family for discharge including patient and family education

  11. Communicates patient information with assigned staff during and between shifts

  12. Participates in shift to shift communication between incoming and outgoing nursing staff

  13. Performs drug count when beginning and ending shift and whenever necessary

  14. Collaborates with physicians in rounds and examination of patients as needed

  15. Collaborates and coordinates with other departments to provide timely effective care consistent with individual?s needs, choices and preferences

  16. Contributes to an environment that is respectful, team orientated and responsive to the concerns of staff, patients and families

  17. Enhances nursing practice by attending all mandated in service programs and outside professional education programs

  18. Assists with the orientation of newly hired nursing staff

  19. Promotes a culture of safety to ensure a healthy practice and living environment

  20. Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive protected health information at all times

  21. Stays and works beyond scheduled shift if needed to meet state strafing requirement and or needs of patients

  22. Performs other duties as requested.